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Since it was started in 2002 High Performance Models has gone from a small business to New Zealand’s largest RC Boat stockists. All the brands we carry are top of the range and we are proud to be the New Zealand agents for them.

HPM RC Boats are the New Zealand agents for for the following Power boat products
ABC Props, Aeromarine, BH Hanson, CMB Racing engines, Speedmaster, Octura, Zenoah petrol Engines, Tiger King Engines and Products, Zuber Nuts.

We have an extensive range of items for building and maintaining radio control boats and all individual products are located in our Online Shop. HPM RC Power Boats carry all stock & modified Petrol engines, nitro Engines and all relevant spares, rudders, cables and shafts, water inlets and outlets, carburettors, engine mounts, tuned pipes, fuel & fuel accessories, building tools, exhaust systems and accessories, performance props, jet units for petrol and nitro engines, radio boxes and everything related, radio gear, marine hardware, Collets,etc. As we stock an extensive range of all the top quality brands it makes us the ideal R/C Power boat shop. All these products can be found at

We strive to keep our prices globally competitive and because of this our mail order section is now a major part of our business. We ship worldwide 5 days a week. Our reputation for quality products is only surpassed by our enthusiasm for the sport. Everyone on the HPM RC Boats team is passionate about R/C power boats and actively involved in the hobby. You can be assured of the best possible products and advice regardless of whether you are into competitive racing or just looking for an enjoyable hobby. Our main aim at HPM is that you enjoy your hobby as much as we do.