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Complete with Nose Piece, Led Teflon Bearings, Reducer Bushings.
Suitable for 1/8th scale hydros.
Aeromarines Strut Assemblies are the trusted choice of avid racers to sport boaters. Their efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility of design leads itself to almost every type of configuration. Our Standard .45/.90 Strut is used for .40 nitro sized hulls all the way to 35CC gas hulls. Our high strength aluminum mounting brackets are further strengthen by a strategically placed "gusset". This design is MUCH stronger than the typical off-the-shelf "architectural L" brackets found on other strut assemblies. They come in 3 different styles, our Standard, Long, and Hydro (see specs below). There are additional mounting holes in our brackets to accommodate various components such as Tuned pipe mounts (#3010), Auxiliary Water Pickups (#7018) The Strut Blade provided is streamlined and profiled for virtually drag free performance. They come in two sizes, 3-3/16" and 3-11/16", slotted to allow for a large amount of trim adjustment. The blades are counter bored on each side. One side is used to press in a Nose Piece and the other a Reducer Bushing. Use 2- Reducer Bushings in either end if you are using a Square Drive setup (no nose piece). Assemblies come with all Stainless mounting hardware.
Requires Nose Piece, Led Teflon Bearings, Reducer Bushings to complete. Assemblies come with all Stainless mounting hardware.

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